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Caroline Kiessling

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Remote Work

Like a lot of people I have been successfully working from home for a while now. If needed I'm also set up with my own PCoIP Client.


EU Citizen

I'm currently located in Hamburg/Germany but will relocate to Vancouver BC in January 2022 (work permit)


Onsite Work

I prefer WFH, as it actually improved my quality of life, but if it's essential to work onsite I'm also open to discuss that.

Hey there! My name is Caroline. I'm a freelance Lighting TD with a generalist background. I love the animated full CG stuff, but I enjoy lighting for VFX as well.
During my studies at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg and my work on all sorts of moving pictures I developed a strong sense of visual composition, storytelling and cinematic language. Also I know how to operate a live action camera and am a dedicated problem solver - and I'm a bit obsessed with making things efficient, maybe. (I guess if I didn't enjoy working on the visuals so much, I probably would have made a half decent pipeline person...)

Please get in touch, if you liked the demo reel! Thanks for stopping by!

Please get in touch, if you liked the demo reel! Thanks for stopping by!

contact info
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e-mail: hello@carolinekiessling.com

+49 176 3073 8108

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